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Navigating AI and the Deepfake era: Who are you actually speaking with?

Exclusive Webinar Recording

Our recent webinar on “Navigating AI and the Deepfake era” unveiled the darker side of Artificial Intelligence. Watch the recording to understanding the risks and challenges associated with the groundbreaking AI technology.

Webinar Recording

 Be cyber wise!

As a part of the “Be cyber wise” initiative, we are offering a 1-hour free cybersecurity consultation to all registrants. Take advantage of the opportunity to bolster your digital security and ensure you're well-prepared to navigate the ever-evolving cyber landscape. 

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Cybersecurity: Top of the agenda

G2E Video

Cybersecurity takes centre stage at G2E Vegas, Nevada.

Watch Michael Tobin and Patrick Gardner at G2E Vegas, discuss how the iGaming industry has evolved in recent years, plus the scale and sophistication of recent attacks. 

Craig at AGB

Rising cybersecurity concerns.

Watch Craig Lusher's interview with Asia Gaming Brief on how sophisticated hacks are now becoming, and how much companies should be investing in infrastructure to prevent any future problems.


Spotting digital impersonation through deepfakes.

Deepfakes stand out as a particularly alarming player in internet risks. Not just for harmless pranks, deepfakes can be weaponised in scams, identity theft, and even international espionage. Learn the subtle clues to spot a deepfake.